Soheil Sabet is the founder and head of the first online beauty school in Iran-Closeup School. Currently Sabet has taught numerous Iranian and foreign pupils.  ​​​​​​​Sabet’s academic efforts came to fruition with  the  publication of   his  Mr. Makeup,  a nine-volume book   series.

Soheil Jalili Sabet's passion for cinema, theater, and television secured him a seat at IRAN Television high school in Shamiranat, where he finally graduated in performing arts. Sabet enrolled in a film editing program on the University of Applied Science and Technology in 2003 and graduated with an associate's degreeSabet enrolled in a film editing program in 2003 and graduated with an associate’s degree.

​Sabet’s extensive traveling, including trips to Canada, Qatar, the UAE, Germany, and several other European countries, provided him with ample opportunities to meet like-minded world-quality professional makeup artists such as Mario Dedivanovic and Sumer Khouzami and accumulate extensive expertise in his profession; this made him more than qualified to set up his own  academic field in beauty and write books (Mr.Makeup) on makeup and  beauty. 

"Reds, yellows and oranges conjure up sunlight and fire, while the blues and blue-greens evoke snow and ice, sea, sky and moonlight. Remember Creativity is your best makeup skill, just play with colors."         SOHEIL SABET

Because of his fascination with the field of makeup for film and screen and his background and work experience in the industry, Sabet continued his education in makeup and graduated with a bachelor’s degree on the University of Applied Science and Technology. Since there was no master’s program in makeup, he continued his higher education by pursuing a BA in film and television directing, an industry. he mastered over the years by working on ample projects in the theater, cinema, or television  since 2000.

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